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About Us.

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Rob and I are not only married but we are partners in producing true crime television shows that dates back a longggg time.

Rob is one of the first producers of the famous show Lock Up and he created the wildly popular show Crime 360 for A&E networks (sometimes it’s on for 24 hours straight). Together we have produced shows for the Oxygen Network, LMN, and Discovery ID. Rob is also one of the few people to have interviewed serial killers Charles Manson and the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway.

I started my obsession with true crime when a little girl named Polly Klass went missing from her bedroom in Northern California when I was only a freshman.  I won’t bore you with our resume but if you are interested you can find it here at:

I will say that we are proud of our film, Making an Exoneree, that we produced independently in 2021. The film was a hit on the festival circuit but I mention it because it’s an important film about how we can actually make a change in the criminal justice system, wrong a right and get to the truth.

Here's the trailer, if you're interested.


Rob and I are dedicated to helping the families of these victims get answers. We tell compelling stories to help inspire movement on cold cases with the hopes of getting justice for the victim.

Our Audience.

We know you… you are the ones who watch our shows and then ask us all the right questions, you are the ones that sometimes we wish we had in the field. Your dedication and passion to solving true crime mysteries is impressive.
We want you to be our partner in true crime, listening and contributing to help us solve these cases. We know that you have your glass of wine and your string theory plotted out in the extra room in your house and we are counting on you to help us!
In return, we will give you access to our investigative secrets, our behind the scenes info and a deep dive into the case, exposing new evidence, speaking to new witnesses and vetting theories that are out there.

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