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Not only are we married but we have produced some of the most popular true crime television shows out there. Now we are doing a deep dive into cases we have produced for television. These are cold cases that we can’t shake.  You know the ones that stick with you long after the show is over, for us it’s even more personal because we are out there in the field fighting to get answers. We don’t just produce true crime television shows we live, breathe and sleep these cases. 

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Episode Six:

If you went missing wouldn't you want law enforcement to start their search at the last place you were seen? When Molly and Colt disappeared it took two weeks for law enforcement to find the car they were in...but they never conducted a search of the woods around the car! This week we speak to Jackie Bates, the latest investigator on the case who filed a search warrant for that land. Then... someone's memory is rattled after hearing Paula's story about the freezer...they called our hotline and wait until you hear what they say!

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TAKE ME BACK, an original song composed by Vayy for Molly Miller

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PITC is produced by 722 Media Content, LLC. 

an award -winning television production company based in Los Angeles, CA.  For over a decade we have been producing over hundreds of hours of non-fiction true crime television shows for all major networks including Oxygen and Discovery ID.


In our experience as television producers, there have been numerous unsolved cases that continue to haunt us so we decided to pick up where our shows leave off. Partners in True Crime is a weekly true crime podcast that will dive deep into one case per season in the hopes of solving it.


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